How cold/frost effects crop plants growth?

Crops, whether vegetables, fruit trees, woody crops, or cereals, grow and develop within an optimal range of maximum and minimum temperatures. Each plant species has a certain capacity to tolerate stress caused by low temperatures, which varies depending on the plant variety or its nutritional state. However, a cold snap or episode of extreme cold and sudden drop in temperatures can be lethal when the freezing temperatures we have experienced over the past few days are reached. When this occurs tiny ice crystals form on the outside and inside of plant cells restricting the plant’s metabolic processes. The cell membrane hardens due to the effect of the cold and this stress affects basic processes such as photosynthesis, respiration or the absorption and internal translocation of essential nutrients and water. In practice, crops that experience this type of low-temperature stress suffer impaired growth that affects and delays essential processes in their development such as flowering, development and fruiting. The result is a loss in crop yields and quality. In the most extreme cases, the plant freezes, wilts and dies.

How to alleviate the effects of stress caused by cold episodes?

Preventive methods to combat cold stress in plants involve a series of crop practices, which include:
1 Selecting suitable varieties that can perform well in cold
2 Smart irrigation (regular but light irrigation at morning to keep the field humid)
3 Nutrition management

In nutritional Management, the application of bio-stimulant like Vellamin is a key to increase crop resistance and helping them to overcome the stress caused by cold temperatures.
“Vellamin is an ideal bio-stimulant that contains L-amino acids (extracted from natural sources i.e., form vegetables, fruits etc.,) imported from Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, S.L., Spain and marketed by Agrow Limited, Pakistan. It Increase the resistance of the plants to adverse conditions such as cold and heat, phytotoxicities, plagues or diseases.”
The amino acids are very essential for energy stimulation and the activation of metabolic processes in plants at moments of highest demand. When plants face situations of stress, they concentrate all of their energy on vital functions, relegating others to a second plane. This is when energy consumption is critical. The application of Vellamin at times when energy expenditure is critical, provides necessary boost to regulate/maintain plant growth process and development of plant’s organs by encouraging the synthesis of specific proteins.
The frosts stress can also cause damage to plant walls and tissues. Vellamin is also acts by healing and regenerating these tissues. Its application encourages sap to flow more quickly through the plant’s vascular bundles, and transported to all parts of the plant.
“In situations of stress caused by cold weather episodes and low temperatures, plants need all the help we can give them.”
“Help the Plants by spraying Vellamin @ 500ml/acre to overcome stress caused by cold temperatures.”

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