Time of Application

Orchards & Vegetables

200 gm

Early and Late blight & Powdery mildew & Downy mildew

Product Category: Fungicide
Active Ingredient: Pyraclostrobin 6.7%+ Dimethomorph 12%
Formulation: Available in WG Formulation (Water Dispersible Granules)

Mode of Action:
  • Dimethomorph: is a systemic morpholine fungicide for use on potatoes. Its mode of action is the inhibition of sterol (ergosterol) synthesis. Dimethomorph was developed for downy mildews, late blights, crown and root rots for grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables.
  • Pyraclostrobin: are systemic fungicides and these exert their fungicidal action by blocking electron transport in the mitochondrial respiratory chain in fungi. With this unique mode of action the Pyraclostrobin is an important addition to the existing fungicides, in which recent broad- spectrum fungicide products have been largely based on sterol biosynthesis inhibitors (SBI).
  • This leads to the stopping of the energy production and the fungus will eventually die. Thus their mode of action is novel and new target-specific. They are more correctly referred to as the QoI fungicides.


Key Features:

  • METAMAN SUPER provide good control due to contact and systemic action.
  • METAMAN SUPER is a curative and protective fungicide and effective against various diseases.
  • METAMAN SUPER provide control of diseases in all plant parts.
  • METAMAN SUPER is effective against diseases, which have developed resistance against other fungicides.
  • METAMAN SUPER is effective even after rainfall.
  • METAMAN SUPER is compatible with crops and crop look green after application.

Pack Size: METAMAN SUPER 18.7%WG is available in 200 gm pack.

Target Crops: Orchards & Vegetables.
Target Pests :  Early and Late blight, Powdery & Downy mildew.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆