Active Mad



Time of Application


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation


400-500 g/plant

By mixing with other fertilizers


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation

Product Category: Crop Supplement
Active Ingredient: N-P-K (10-50-10)
Formulation: Liquid.

Key Features:
  • Broad-spectrum activities and can be used in various crops, vegetables etc.
  • Active Mad having Phosphorous (P) – is a vital component of ATP. It is basic energy unit needed for the plant growth and development.
  • Phosphorous (P) – plays role in plant growth and development from seedling growth to maturity.
  • Phosphorous (P) – involved in energy transfer, photosynthesis, transformation of sugars and starches, nutrient movement within the plant and transfer of genetic characteristics from one generation to next.

Pack Size: Active Mad (10-50-10) available in 1 Liter Pack.

Target Crops: Cotton, Wheat, Potato, Maize, Rice, Vegetables etc.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆