Max Grow



Time of Application


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation


400-500 g/plant

By mixing with other fertilizers


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation


8 kg

At the time of soil preparation

Product Category: Soil Conditioner
Active Ingredient: Humic Acid 40% + Potassium Oxide 7%
Formulation: Granular Formulation.

Key Features:
  • MaxGrow is an organic compound consisting of humic acid and potassium oxide that is alternative to organic matter in soils.
  • MaxGrow act as a soil conditioner that makes soils more friable or crumbly.
  • MaxGrow increases the efficiency of fertilizers especially nitrogen and phosphorus based fertilizer.
  • MaxGrow helps to lower down pH level of soil.
  • MaxGrow improves the water holding capacity and aeration of soil.
  • MaxGrow increases soil aggregation & decreases erosion.
  • MaxGrow helps to increase organic matter of the soil.
  • MaxGrow helps the plants to uptake nutrients from soil.
  • MaxGrow helps to improve working ability of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  • MaxGrow also helps to ensure the availability of traces elements from the soil to plants.

Pack Size: MAXGROW is available in 8kg bag.

Target Crops: Cotton, Vegetables, Cereals & Orchards
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆