Time of Application


10 Kg

70 – 80 days crop


10 Kg

40 – 45 days crop


10 Kg

50– 60 days crop


10 Kg

At 4-6 leaves crop stage


10 Kg

40 – 45 days after transplanting


10 Kg

Fruiting stage


100 g / Plant

Fruiting stage

Product Category: Macro Nutrient (Potash + Sulphur)
Active Ingredient: Potassium Oxide 52%+ Sulphur 18%
Formulation: Water Soluble Powder.

Key Features:
  • SOLUDERLO is an ideal product for fertigation (Flooding with water).
  • SOLUDERLO is free from harmful salts like chlorides and fully water soluble fertilizer.
  • SOLUDERLO is highly efficient in curing or preventing potassium deficiency.
  • SOLUDERLO has additionally 18% Sulphur along with potassium, which is necessary for plant growth.
  • SOLUDERLO helps the plant to transport food and nutrients within plant.
  • SOLUDERLO helps to improve the size, taste, color and shelf life of the produce.
  • SOLUDERLO helps to improve quality of produce of vegetables & field crops.
  • SOLUDERLO helps to increase shelf life of vegetables & fruits.
  • SOLUDERLO make plants immune to unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • Potassium: Increases root growth and improves drought resistance. Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting. Aids in photosynthesis and food formation.
  • Sulphur: essential for many growth functions in plants including nitrogen metabolism, enzyme activity and protein and oil synthesis.
  • Sulphur promotes nodulation in legumes, helps develop and activate certain enzymes and vitamins, and is a structural component of two of the 21 amino acids that form protein.

Pack Size: Soluderlo is available in 25Kg bag.

Target Crops: Cotton, Wheat, Rice, Maize, Potato, Sunflower, Vegetables & Orchards
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆