Board of Directors

1.Naeem Akhtar – CEO/Director

Mr. Akhtar aged 48 is a commerce graduate having 24 years extensive management, audit, finance & tax experience in different industries like textiles yarn to garment, financial services, diversified farmer service industry and oil distribution. He remained member of BoD & CEO of a subsidiary company of Agrow Group and Trustee of Agrow Limited Staff Provident Fund.

2.Faisal Ismail – Director

Mr. Faisal is an Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and has a Master degree in Economics from the University of Karachi. With over 13 years of experience primarily in the Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Banking and Oil & Gas sectors. He was also involved with an extensive range of alternative investment clients in Ireland promoted by European and US investment managers, covering a variety of strategies from fund of funds to convertible arbitrage, distressed debt, private equity, emerging markets and Shariah-compliant strategies. He is also serving as Chief Financial Officer at JS Private Equity.

3.Qaisar Abbas- Director

Qaisar Abbas, a professional in agricultural sciences & Business Administration, carries a work experience of over 17 years in various National & Multinational Companies, joined Agrow Ltd in June 2015, with his very focused & result oriented approach, he was offered by the management to take charge of National Sales Manager followed by another challenging appointment as GM Sales, Marketing & Technical. Qaisar Abbas, a committed resource to Agrow Limited, with his keen understanding of industry and business tends is all set to deliver results on this new appointment. His belief on self & team development has enabled him delivery of desired results in the past and with induction of new chemistries in the business, he is committed to set new bench marks in future. Qaisar , with a vision to lead the industry in terms of innovation and excellence in services, has already started his journey towards newer bench marks. To, him, wellbeing & economic growth via increase in productivity of Pakistani farmers is an automatic solution to our Business Growth. And this what we are all about. We, at agrow wish to see our farmer and dealers growing and this will automatically be a source of our business growth, said Qaisar Abbas at a forum.

Auditor of the Company


Legal Advisor

  • Rai Amir Zubair (Advocate)