Pendimethalin 33% EC




All crops

1.5-2 L

Annual grass like and broad leaf weeds


2-2.5 L

Annual, Perennial and others

Product Category: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin 33%
Formulation: Available in EC Formulation (Emulsifiable Concentrate).

Mode of Action:
  • Pendimethalin’s mode of action is that it is an inhibitor of plant cell division and cell elongation. This means that it prevents the roots and shoots of the target weed from growing. With this weed unable to develop further and eventually dies.

Key Features:

  • Selective Pre-emergence herbicide (Control weeds before their emergence).
  • Effective against  broad spectrum of annual grasses & broad leaf weeds.
  • Crop friendly (have no stress/harm to crop plants).
  • Equally effective on crops sown on flat land and ridges for the control of weeds.
  • Compatible with wide range of other herbicides.
  • Can ideally be used for integrated weed management.
  • It is environmentally safe and less likely to leach down.

Pack Size: Pendimethalin is available in 1000 ml bottle pack.

Target Crops: Cotton, Maize
Target Pests : Weed complex.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆