Clean Wheat Extra




All crops

1.5-2 L

Annual grass like and broad leaf weeds


2-2.5 L

Annual, Perennial and others

Product Category: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: Mesosulfuron 2.5 % + Florasulam 1.5% + Fluroxypyr 22%
Formulation: Available in OD (Oil dispersion) Formulation.

Mode of Action:
  • Florasulam have Systemic action on weeds. It interferes with the ALS Enzyme, which results in stunted growth of weeds at the spot.
  • Fluroxypyr operates like a plant growth regulator by imitating natural plant hormones called auxins. Fluroxypyr enters plants through the leaves and roots, replaces natural auxins at binding sites, causing abnormal growth patterns and disrupting the growth processes of the plant. The chemical builds up in the growing points of the plant, leading to rapid overgrowth, and eventual plant death.
  • Mesosulfuron-methyl is a member of the sulfonylurea group of herbicides. Its mode of action is to inhibit the biosynthesis of essential amino acids in susceptible plants, through inhibition of acetolactate synthase (ALS). With respect to weed resistance, mesosulfuron-methyl is classed as a Group B herbicide.

Key Features:

  • Post-emergence herbicide for Grasses & Broad Leaf weeds of Wheat Crop.
  • Dual action i.e., act on weeds both through roots and shoots.
  • One shot solution for all Grasses & Broad Leaf weeds of Wheat.
  • Application window is 2-4 leaves stage of Weeds.
  • Completely safe for crop as well as Environment.
  • Provide efficient control of weeds resistant to other herbicides.

Pack Size: Clean wheat Extra 26% OD is available in 150 ml pack.

Target Crops: Wheat
Target Pests : Grasses & Broad Leaf weeds.                             
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆