250 gm / Acre

Thrips, Jassid

Product Category: Insecticide
Active Ingredient: Acephate
Chemical group: Organophosphate
Formulation: Available in WP Formulation (Wettable Powder) with 75% w/w concentration.

Mode of Action:
  • Exhibits a residual systemic activity.
  • It controls pests through contact and stomach action.
  • It mainly acts on the nervous systems of the target pests. Acephate disrupts nervous system function by inhibiting the cholinesterase enzyme. Inhibition of cholinesterase results in acetylcholine accumulation causing over-activity in the nerves, muscles, or brain.
Key Features:
  • Being broad spectrum it affords control over all caterpillar pests..
  • It has a quick knockdown action.
  • It exhibits ovicidal action.
  • It remains effective for longer duration and therefore gives protection for a longer time.
  • Immediately absorbed into plants through roots & leaves.
  • Have excellent results against THRIPS & farmer perception is good.
  • Good for resistance management.
  • Highly economical.

Pack Size: Acephate 75%WP is available in 1 Kg sachet pack.

Target Crops: Cotton
Target Pests : Aceph ate Thrips, Jassid etc.
Method of Application: CHELTEC 75% WP can be applied as a foliar spray solution at a recommended dose.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆