خوشحال کسان خوشحال پاکستان


Product NameActive IngrdientScope Dose/ AcreApplication MethodTime of Application
MaxGrowHumic AcidSoil Conditioner8 kgBroadcastAt Soil Preparation
Mighty Zinc Zinc sulphate 10% LCrop Suppliment3-6 LtrFertigationAt 1st Irrigation
Vellamin10% Amino acidsCrop Suppliment500 mlFoliar SparayAt Booting stage
Soluderlopotafsh 51% & Sulpher 18%Crop Suppliment10-12 kgFertigationAt Milking Stage
Boon Maggie Max10% Amino acidsCrop Suppliment30 mlFoliar Sparay At Milking Stage


Product NameActive IngrdientScopeDose/ AcreApplication MethodTime of Application
CopterBromoxanil+MCPABroad Leaf Weeds500 mlFoliar Sparay After 1st Irrigation
ClincherBromoxanil+MCPA Broad Leaf Weeds300 mlFoliar Sparay After 1st Irrigation
Clear Field ExtraFluroxypur + Chlorpyralid Broad Leaf Weeds400 gmFoliar Sparay After 1st Irrigation
Clodinafop PropargylClodinafop Propargyl Narrow Leaf Weeds150 gmFoliar Sparay40-45 days after sowing
SulfosulfuronSulfosulfuron Narrow Leaf Weeds13.5 gmFoliar Sparay After 1st Irrigation

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